We will have a variety of extra little things included with this retreat on top of our great keynote presenters and workshops.

Releasing Time

When you first arrive, we encourage you to take a moment of pause to release your troubles and worries (or frustration if you hit traffic on the way out).  In doing so you are able to completely able to be in the space of retreat for the weekend without the distraction of your every day life.  As you release you are also able to set your own intentions for the weekend.

Nature Mandalas

Once you arrive this is an activity that some women enjoy.  Taking a walk around the land to take in nature and further release the everyday troubles and while on this walk collecting bits and bobs in nature to then lay out a pattern/mandala.  In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Red Tent Space

The fabrics of the Red Tent will take over one of our breakout rooms and will be open to all outside of the three workshop times on Saturday.  The Red Tent is created using many fabrics and pillows to soften the room and create a space where one feels welcome and nurtured to be themselves, to share with one another or to just be(e) a part of the whole.  We have been holding space for Red Tent at retreats since 2007!

Open Mic

We will have an open mic night on Saturday.  You are welcome to share from your heart which might be in song, playing a musical instrument, dancing, poetry…whatever speaks to your heart to share.  Feel free to reach out to your friends who may be coming with you to get a group act together.  Don’t feel intimidated, many will have no intention of getting up there however may have a spark to rise the mic on a whim that night.

Cabin Decoration Contest

It is always nice to get to know your roommates ahead of time.  We will open a Facebook group for all to get to know one another this summer.  At that time you will be able to virtually meet your roommates and can work out a theme for your cabin.

Gratitude Boxes

This is a bit like a little mailbox for you during the weekend.  Sometimes you might be mid conversation and need to get to a meal or workshop yet really wanted to finish saying something…you can leave a little note in that person’s mailbox.  Or perhaps you hear about a book that you need to read, someone might put that in your box or you might write it to yourself so that you remember.  Many times you really struck a cord with someone and they might write you a little note to let you know how much that meant to them or inspired them.


Some may remember this term from years in Girl Scouts and remember the little trinkets however we have found this to be a great ice breaker for our big groups with adult trinkets.  It gives you something to go up to a total stranger and trade trinkets and in turn breaking you out of your bubble.  I know we are all not great at mingling so it gives you a purpose.