Who Did You Come Here to be?
with Liz Plaster

In our quiet heart of hearts, we know that we are uniquely created. Life brings confusion, “coulds, shoulds and woulds.” The clarity that we long for is clouded over, making us long for our authentic self. Find out who you came here to be and how you live from that place of true spiritual aliveness, awareness, joy and compassion.  For more information about Liz, please see her website at www.LizPlaster.com


Finding God in the Feminine & the Feminine in God
with Monette Chilson

Monette ChilsonRediscover the heart of the sacred feminine through two little known figures from our spiritual heritage. For those of us who have felt excluded by the masculine language used to describe God and the patriarchal system used to organize our churches, integrating pivotal feminine archetypes into our understanding of what it means to be a woman of God can feel like coming home.