Look Within, Trust Within

logo_treebutter_512Look Within Retreats is a coming together of community.  Diverse communities which go beyond the lines of any faith system or thought system but instead focus on your inner nurturing with your Spirit Within.  Just as in life where we grow and evolve, Blessings Within/Look Within Retreats has grown and evolved in what we offer over the years.  We welcome you into our Circle of Friends all on the path to inner enlightenment.  When we find our inner enlightenment then we in turn can find the light within the world we live.

Our retreats are different each time however have a common bond of coming together to celebrate the divine within each of them.  All retreats explore a different thought process by emmursing ourselves in the culture, food and understanding therefore coming out of the experience a more knowledge and spiritual person.


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We try to make retreats affordable for all so operate at a not-for-profit basis.  All lodging is based on bottom beds only.  We do offer a payment plan as well.

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