Mini Pocket Letters:  A Mondern Take On Penpal Letters…

With Andrea Longoria

In this age of email, text & Skype we seemed to have lost the art of letter writing with good old fashion pen & paper. Where not only what you have to say is special, but the paper itself can be as well.

Enter Pocket Letters, created by blogger & crafter Janette Lane. The concept, write a letter and place it folded up into one of 9 pockets in your standard 9 Pocket Trading Card Protector. Fill with cute mini handmade or purchased goodies and a little artistic flair, then mail it off to your favorite pen-pal to swap with. A Cute mini 3 pocket, Pocket Letter version is what we will make today. So ready yourself for a little artistic exploration.

SoulCollage® Sampler

With Ann Bugh

Love to collage? Love “meeting” and exploring new parts of yourself? Love connecting with others? Psychotherapist Seena Frost created the SoulCollage® process for explorers like you!

In this hands-on workshop we will make and “read” 3 cards, as you experience the process of SoulCollage®.  Seena’s process combines IMAGES (collaging) with INTUITION (trust the force…trust the source…trust your inner wisdom) and IMAGINATION (“I am the one who…”). As you use her techniques to create and journal with each new card, you build a “personal deck”.  As your deck grows, “who you are” unfolds. Your evolving story is captured, one card at a time.

Part creative play, part reflection, and part communal sharing—the SoulCollage® process invites you grab magazines, glue and scissors, and take your inner child (and all the other parts of yourself) on a visual journey. As you reconnect with what you value most, and share your cards with others, expect surprises, synchronicities, and smiles. It’s collage. It’s meaningful. It’s fun. It’s SoulCollage®.